Support Services

Build support groups to help families dealing with ESRD through special programs, and community outreach.


Educate communities on how maintaining a healthy lifestyle can protect the kidneys and prevent kidney failures.


Providing vital medical equipment and resources, such has dialysis Machines for medical staff and hospitals in Africa to help fight Kidney Disease.


Facilitate prevention by increasing access for screening. This in particular is our key program in developing countries.


Advocate at the state level for more programs and awareness to combat kidney disease both domestic and internationally.

Financial Support

Offering financial assistance on a need base to people in developing countries to get screenings and cope with the challenges of Kidney disease.

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Where We Focus Our Attention

The Key Areas of Emphasis at Our Foundation

  • Education & Training 70%
  • Community Awareness 60%
  • Counseling & Support 80%
  • Resources & Funding 70%
  • Screenings Program 80%

Key Questions and Information

We have an entire section that provides some key information on Kidney Disease & Renal failure.

Self Screening Methods

What are the basic signs to look out for that could help save your kidney from failing?

Detection & Diagnosis

When diagnosed with kidney failure, what do you do and options of care are available?

Dialysis Treatment

If I have kidney disease, will I need dialysis? And When should I start dialysis?


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