Any amount will help increase resources like Dialysis in many parts of Africa & globally.

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We provide information & resources to help you understand and prepare for dialysis and kidney disease.

Thank you for visiting the Atanga Kidney Foundation website, your one stop center for info information on kidney disease education, diagnosis and care. We are a 501c 3 organization registered in the state of Maryland and all donations are tax deductible. We hope the information you find here is useful. Share this website to your friends and family. A healthy kidney is a healthy body.

Kidney disease continues to be on the rise in many parts of Africa and Globally with limited resources available to assist the patients. Our Vision is to increase resources like Dialysis centers in areas most affected and working with established institutions to make care more available and affordable.

Kidney Disease Awareness Conference

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Our Objectives

  • Raise Awareness of Kidney Disease and the Need for Regular Screenings.

  • To educate patients & their families understand kidney diseases and options for treatment including Organ donation.

  • To provide some financial support to transplant and dialysis patients with no insurance.

  • To work with health Organizations so as to provide more access to dialysis treatment.

  • To Promote Cadaver and Living organ donation awareness programs and to help break the stigma amongst Minorities.

  • The facilitation of / Participation in workshops.

  • To perform active, professional fundraising to generate sponsorship from corporate and donations from the public.

2018 Fundraiser Gala

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